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Wednesday 1, December, 2021
High and Heavy cargoes handling

We are in the process to start the High and Heavy project operation;

High and Heavy operation includes;

  1. Mechanical support
  2. Technical support
  3. Discharging / Loading
  4. Insurance coverage

Ro-Ro cargoes that we handle: Busses, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Construction Machinery, Agricultural equipment, oversized units, chassis etc.

Discharging and loading operation will be effected by certified drivers, though our overall opertion will be covered by insurance securing all case scenario.

We have added the insurance in our services up to the amount of Euro 1,000,000 per vessel we handle including damage to cargo, vessel and 3rd party liability. Achieving this was not easy but with the support of London established insurance group we made it feasible.

In this way we clearly show that the quality of our service is something that is measurable. Our services are safe and reliable though being flexible at all times in order to meet customer and Shipping Lines demands and complete the cargo operation within the min time the vessels can spend in the port.



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